Optophonia is the first creative tool for digital audiovisual media that is designed from the ground up with a focused vision taking full advantage of the possibilities crypto and NFTs bring to professional creative projects. Its users will be able to produce live visuals and performance recordings in collaboration with musicians in physical locations and the Metaverse.


Optophonia is an audiovisual app for Mac and PC designed to be an expressive visual instrument empowering artists to create optophonic productions or ‘visual music’ via NFT. The creative suite is the centerpiece for:


Optophonia as an Instrument — An immersive experience built using Unreal Engine where artists can import, perform and mint optophonic productions.


Optophonia Performances — Live environments where Optophonia can be performed in such as clubs, theatres, events as well as in the Metaverse.


Optophonia Community — Working with and supporting artists from around the world amplifying their voice using visual music and technology.


Optophonia fosters visual music as an instrumental art form into the 21st century through integrating technology, digital art, community organization, and the power of the Ethereum blockchain.




Our project will establish a community-focused organization whose long-term focus will be:


1) The development of a striking creative suite exploring a variety of innovative approaches to generating optophonic performances. Our audiovisual app will use interchangeable NFT digital components for its visuals. The user interface and input mechanics are designed to be intuitive and accessible for casual recreational use, while affording deeper, more nuanced control through programmability and hardware input devices for more sophisticated users.


2) The fostering of a growing community in support of the appreciation and growth of Optophonia as an innovative art form that is uniquely suited for development to maturity in the digital age.


3) The promotion of optophonic performances and works in both the Metaverse and physical spaces, including, but not limited to, incorporation into live DJ sets as well as real-life performances at traditional galleries and events.