Wladimir Baranoff-Rossine

Entrepreneur x2 Exits, Nonprofit Director, Startup Mentor


Wladimir is a bilingual English and French entrepreneur whose forward-thinking vision has enabled him to build several successful companies raising over $20 million in Angel and Venture Capital. These include launching MobiCart on stage at the prestigious DEMO Conference in Silicon Valley, California, and Shopgate, where Wladimir was COO. A leading mobile commerce platform with a team of over 150 people. Wladimir is also on the advisory board of Ceres Capital and a Nonprofit Executive Director at the Baranoff-Rossine foundation.

Invited as keynote speaker at several international conferences including the prestigious Thinking Digital, DIBI, Online Retail Russia, and Newcastle University. Wladimir was also included in the Sage Pay e-business benchmark report and presented by request to The Sage Leadership Group, a supplier of business management software to 6.2 million customers.

Wladimir is also a startup mentor to a number of tech accelerators including Disruptors, Ignite and Sunderland Software City. Nominated for a plethora of awards including the ME Top 50 Mobile Innovators two years running and the Website Magazine Top 50 Mobile Movers and Shakers; Wladimir has also been featured in a number of publications including TechCrunch, Business Insider, Fortune Magazine, The Business Times, The Next Web, Cointelegraph and PC World.

Dr. Michael Filimowicz

Artist, Inventor, Writer, Lecturer


Dr. Michael Filimowicz (artist name Myk Eff) is Senior Lecturer in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He has a background in computer mediated communications, audiovisual production, new media art and creative writing.

His research develops new multimodal display technologies and content, exploring novel form factors across different application contexts including gaming, immersive exhibitions and simulations. He has exhibited in many new media shows such as SIGGRAPH Art Gallery, Re-New, ARTECH, Archetime,  Intermedia and IDEAS, and currently streams his digital images on the Loupe Art platform.

His work has also been featured in journals (e.g. Leonardo), many monographs (e.g. Infinite Instances and Spotlight) and a textbook (Reframing Photography, Routledge).

Daïm Aggott-Hönsch

Artblocks Curated Artist, MoCA Genesis, UltraDAO


Algorist, apeirographer, and AI artist of timeless mathematical wonders, an algorithmic conductor of intricate generative systems, and a collaborative curator of endless AI/GAN vistas; Daïm’s works appear in a variety of notable international collections, including that of Metakovan, the Museum of Crypto Art, and the Government of Hungary.

The Artist’s “Ancestral Memory” audiovisual slow art portrait was an NFT Awards 2020 finalist, and Cryptoblot #1044 from his early Art Blocks series is part of lot 4 of Sotheby’s “Natively Digital” 2021 auction.

Taking an approach to art that is inseparably intellectual and spiritual at once, Daïm’s works seek to convey his visions of the myriad improbable marvels hidden within mathematics and complex systems, and the undeniably anthropic conception of beauty within them that whispers of the divine.

Jin Kuang

CPA,CGA (Canada); CPA (Washington, USA)


Jin has more than 15 years of extensive professional knowledge and experience in IFRS, financial reporting, financial planning, merger and acquisition, financial analysis and tax in Canada.

Ms. Kuang has many years of experience as CFO for several publicly listed companies including listing on the TSX Venture Exchange. In addition to her CFO experience, Ms. Kuang has many years of auditing experience with KPMG LLP Chartered Accounts.

Ms. Kuang received a BA of Accounting and an MBA from the University of Northeastern China and also holds both a US-CPA and CGA designation. Ms. Kuang is fluent in Mandarin and English.

Nick Baranoff-Rossine

ITV, Head of Platform, Advanced Advertising Technology


A highly accomplished individual who has over 20 years of professional cross-industry experience in software, e-commerce and retail. Currently Head of Platform Support at ITV. Experienced in advising clients and executives, enhancing business strategies to increase customer retention and customer satisfaction, using a logical approach to handle complex situations, leading cross-functional teams split across geographies, adding efficiency to operational processes and exceeding expectations set by upper management.

Nick has also previously undertaken director level roles, which includes launching a new e-commerce and web design start up business. Additionally, Nick has experience working as a business analyst and senior accountant. Nick has completed a range of qualifications and training courses covering PRINCE2, AAT management accounting, management fundamentals and coaching. Enjoys working with people from all backgrounds and is always ready to take on new challenges.

Olga Kolganova

Musicologist, Art Historian, Writer


Musicologist, PhD, research assistant at the Organology Department of the Russian Institute for the History of Arts. She graduated from the Ural State Conservatory (Yekaterinburg, 2000); completed postgraduate courses in the Russian Institute for the History of Arts (Saint-Petersburg, 2003).

In 2012 she defended her thesis on The phenomenon of light in sonoristic music (based on the creativity of composers of East-Central Europe in 1960–1980).

She is the organizer of international conferences оn the topics of the Art of Sound and Light, organology, comparative art studies, etc.; editor and compiler of collected papers; author of over 50 publications; member of the International conferences, seminars in Russia, Lithuania, UK, USA.