Meet the people making it happen.
We're a diverse and international crew.

Building the future of visual music

We are a seasoned team of creative professionals with backgrounds in computer-based visual art and music as well as startups, IPOs and corporate governance.

The team

Wladimir Baranoff-Rossine

Co-Founder / CEO
x3 Founder, Nonprofit Executive Director, Startup Advisor

Michael Filimowicz

Co-Founder / CTO
Artist, Inventor, Published Author, Lecturer and Researcher

Jin Kuang

Chief Financial Officer
CPA,CGA (Canada); CPA (USA), KPMG LLP Chartered Accountants

Nick Baranoff-Rossine

Information Architect
ITV, Head of Platform, Advanced Advertising Technology


Chief Meme Officer
Angel Investor, NFT Collector, Startup Advisor, Meme Master

Uncle Pennybags

Chief Resident Degen
1/1 clocksnatcher, 1/1 smol brain, GP Liquid, ACY Capital Treasury


Chief Pixel Generator
Art Blocks Curated Artist, Zeblocks Partner, Flowty Co-Founder


People Systems Guru
Community & Collab Director, System Processes, NFT investor

Daïm Aggott-Hönsch

Chief Culture Officer
Art Blocks Curated Artist, Algorist, MoCA Genesis, UltraDAO

Robin Hunt

Community & Talent Officer
Entrepreneur, Startups, High Growth, Talent Acquisition, Dad of 3

Olga Kolganova

Concept Alchemist
Musicologist, Art Historian, Published Author, International Speaker

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