Our Genesis passes and seed round will fund the development of the Optophonia app, its NFT marketplaces and new creator/collector economy. Participation is open to investors and the founding members of the DAO. We are teaming up with BeetsDAO, Art Blocks curated artists, record labels and many digital artists and musicians to provide an exciting slate of digital and audiovisual collectables which will be made available to all Genesis pass holders.


Investor Seed Round


Ownership shares of Optophonia can be purchased directly as an investment in the startup. Investors will own shares of company stock which will entitle them to future dividend payouts and appreciation on growth.

Public Sale of the Optophonia Genesis Pass


Our Genesis pass for artists and collectors provides membership to the Optophonia DAO as well as access to our curated drops, listening spaces, event tickets and creative suite as detailed below. This will seed initial development of the app and marketplace infrastructure to propel Optophonia as a digital creativity tool that can be widely used in the visual and musical arts.

For Collectors – Your exclusive membership

Optophonia DAO


– Voting rights on a number of community matters such as deciding on artists to support and collect from, types of events to be held, and features to be added to the app and digital asset marketplaces.

– Curatorial roles for fostering excellence in audiovisual motion graphics and music.


Generative Edition Drops


We are partnering with top tier generative and crypto artists including from Art Blocks and Sotheby’s to release never seen before artworks. These drops will feature the best of generative and crypto art on the theme of visual music and explore different artistic styles and techniques. Get ready to be inspired!


Music Edition Drops


We are partnering with BeetsDAO, record labels and musicians to release music NFTs and digital. As well as the best music from world class acts, these drops will showcase beat-reactive visuals and animations set in a motion graphics environment. Music NFTs and albums delivered directly to you!


Metaversal Listening Spaces


We will be releasing a series of interactive virtual listening spaces that can be downloaded to your computer and enjoyed with your favourite music. These Metaversal Listening Spaces introduce a new concept into architectural design— instead of ‘form follows function,’ these virtual spaces propose ‘form follows experience.’


Live Performances and Events


With new version releases and artistic partnerships, live Optophonia performances will be held IRL and in the metaverse, to foster this artform, build community and support artistic development. Mint pass holders will gain exclusive access to visual exhibitions and musical performances from leading artists and events worldwide including at DJ sets, clubs, festivals, theaters and art galleries.


For Artists – Join our new creator economy

Collaboration Platform


As it is important for digital artists and musicians to discover each other, our collaboration platform will facilitate connections between artists of all digital stripes to showcase their work and create new project-focused teams for performance visuals, music production and beyond.


NFT Marketplaces


Our NFT marketplaces will be set up to accommodate a wide range of digital artists and musicians whose work can be used as media assets in audiovisual motion visual productions. These will feature artists who work in many media, including 2D images, 3D modeling, rigged characters, motion capture, dance, fashion design, and music. Mint and sell your media assets and visual performances where creators get rewarded.


The Optophonia App


Optophonia our flagship audiovisual app will be released iteratively, with successive versions featuring more functionality until we reach our goal of fully completing our creative suite which can be found here. The app’s first versions will start with the gallery, composition construction and performance controller tools for live performances IRL such as in clubs, theaters and events. Later releases will add the generative, programming and sequencing features, the capability of outputting standalone interactive executables, and the ability to live-stream to metaverse contexts. Additionally, later versions of the app will allow for native export of onchain-ready executables for native rendering in web browsers.