Optophonia Expands Team With Key Web3 Hires

Optophonia is excited to announce the expansion of our team with key hires. These new members bring a wealth of expertise and will help us realize our goal of being the go-to platform for motion graphics and visual music NFTs for performances both IRL and in the Metaverse.

Optophonia is a new artform in the Web3 era, utilizing Unreal Engine’s unparalleled graphics engine to produce stunning interactive visuals for live music performances and new artworks. Our vision is to empower visual artists and musicians to collaborate with each other and produce new media for NFT marketplaces and events worldwide.

Our community managers, participating artists and curators will produce a world-class platform guided by a seasoned team of creative professionals with backgrounds in computer-based visual art and music as well as startups, IPOs and corporate governance.

@Barthazian is an entrepreneur, angel investor and NFT collector with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a masters in psychology. Featured in leading publications including the Redlion News and the Zima Red podcast, barthazian is a true crypto veteran who will be  joining us as chief meme officer helping us expand our online presence and partnerships with the biggest brands in the industry.

@Arsonic is a founding partner at Zeblocks, co-founder at Flowty and an Art Blocks Curated artist. Best known for his generative drop Unigrids featured at Sotheby’s Natively Digital, Arsonic will be joining us as chief pixel generator helping us with all aspects of our incredible genesis drop and roadmap. Arsonic is also an avid NBA Top Shot collector and was recently featured on The First Mint podcast.

@Uncle Pennybags is a seasoned crypto trader since 2015, general partner at Liquid and treasury manager at ACY Capital who famously purchased a 1/1 clockmaster making it the largest purchase ever on the Treasure DAO ecosystem. A true pioneer of DeFi, Uncle Pennybags will be joining us as chief resident degen and in charge of our treasury and investor relations.

@Tzu is a community and collab manager for a number of high profile alpha groups and projects including Anime Metaverse, communities with over 200,000 members. Tzu has hosted a number of meetups across Asia and will be joining us as people systems guru helping us forge all aspects of our DAO putting our community first. Tzu can often be seen hanging out at events with OGs, can you spot him in the photo below? 🙂

Optophonia was also selected to join the BeetsDAO Labs program, where we are connecting with artists of many digital stripes– including musicians, 3D modelers, generative artists and animators– who will help us build out a robust multifaceted digital tool and marketplace open to an unprecedented range of media targeted to performance visuals for music. 

To find out more about Optophonia, check out our UI Tour & Performance Demos or chat with us in our new Discord.

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