Mirror Effects in Davinci Resolve à la Dark Opening Titles

A classic video effect that never seems to get boring to look at is keyframed mirror animation on moving images. Animated symmetries disprove the common notion that symmetry in visual composition is boring. It’s an effect available in the free version of Davinci Resolve — all you have to do is drag the effect onto a clip or an adjustment layer and start experimenting with the parameters while changing their values over time. The Mirror effect in DR comes with 6 mirrors that you can animate with keyframes (the red diamonds in the image below show active animated parameters).

6 Enable-able Mirror in DR, w/ activated keyframes in red

Below are the opening credit montages from the 3 seasons of the Netflix series Dark, followed by a tutorial video on how to produce these effects in DR. There’s a general creative debate with opening credits — do you use the same ones for all seasons to maintain the brand ID, or should you change them up every season? If you completely change actors and storyworld with every season, as with True Detective, you need new titles every season for sure. But if you’re using mirror effects, that also seems to be a good reason to produce new opening title montages because the variations can be infinitely trippy each time! An approach like Dark’s invites you to notice what scenes the mirror-montage is borrowing from, since the images are sourced from the various episodes belonging to each season.

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