Free MIDI Packs for Indie Dance, Synth Pop & Post-Genre Electronica

This collection of 16 free MIDI packs from our CTO Myk Eff includes files for bass, leads, chords, arpeggios, riffs and melodies as well as algorithmically generated drum patterns suitable for a wide variety of electronic music styles. All MIDI files include complete audio reference tracks for listening to the MIDI notes in context and includes almost 200 MIDI files  in total. The music can be previewed on his YouTube channel.

Optophonia Ltd. is a London-based startup developing a real-time motion graphics application and a digital asset marketplace for performance visuals in music contexts. Our flagship app, Optophonia, is based on Unreal Engine, which offers unparalleled real-time interactive and music-reactive control of visual media.

The MIDI packs are provided royalty free according to Creative Commons License CC-BY.

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