A standalone audiovisual app for Mac & PC,
Harnessing the motion graphics power of Unreal Engine.

Real-time motion graphics made simple

By building on top of Unreal Engine, we’ve eliminated the steep learning curve of a game design environment by presenting only the core functionality needed to produce performance visuals for music. If you’ve ever used a video editor, music DAW, visual programming tool, 3D modeling app, or hardware controller, you will find Optophonia to be a highly intuitive digital creativity tool with direct NFT and asset integrations.

Familiar UI/UX and Workflows

Our UI uses common design patterns found across a wide variety of digital creativity tools, to get you up and running fast.

Easy-to-Use Drag and Drop Interface

The core elements of a motion graphics composition can be assembled quickly in a drag-and-drop 3D virtual environment.

Every Kind of Control Posibility

Manipulate your composition in real-time with control sources, including MIDI, OSC, control voltage, audio reactivity and hardware controllers.

High Resolution Video Flexibility

Project, frame share or render video at up to 4K resolution in 16:9, 4:3 or square aspect ratios.

IRL and Metaverse Performance Output

Optophonia is designed from the ground up with live IRL and metaverse performances in mind.

Import NFTs In, Mint NFTs Out

You can import and use NFT media in your compositions, and mint your own assets and performances.

Gallery Screen

Quickly browse and access your projects, performances, rendered video clips, exported executables and minted NFTs.

Easy Organization

A four-column layout with thumbnails and folder structure allows you to create a fast organization scheme for all your work.

Mint NFTs Fast

Connect your crypto wallet to the app, and quickly mint your rendered videos or executables in our NFT marketplace as assets and performances.

Curate, or Get Curated

Submit your work for curation in our art galleries, or become a curator yourself. The Gallery is the starting point for your Optophonic portfolio.

Stage Screen

A drag and drop 3D modeling and animation environment for setting up real-time motion graphics compositions.

Work Fast with Drag & Drop

Experiment with 3D assets by adding lights, materials and animation in seconds. The drag and drop Stage is beginner friendly!

Multiple Digital File Types

You can assemble your motion graphics compositions out of 2D images, 3D models, rigged characters, audio, video and mocap files.

Advanced 3D Modeling Tools

The Stage includes a robust set of 3D modeling tools for making your own geometry, including primitives and Boolean functions.

Control Screen

Create your own custom interface to perform your visuals. Connect to external hardware, audio signals, MIDI files and more.

Roll Your Own UI

We provide a palette of user interface items that you can manipulate inside the app, or with external hardware devices for expressive control.

For IRL & the Metaverse

Display and render video at up to 4K resolution in real time, or perform your performance visuals live in IRL and virtual environments.

Built for Visual Music

Our app is approachable for musicians and digital visual artists. Your custom UI will be as familiar and creative as you want it to be.

Program Screen

Dive deeper into interactive and generative programming via visual programming. You can go as deep as you like into the fine details of your composition, and export standalone generative apps.

Indulge Your Inner Programmer

Every object and parameter in your composition is accessible via a visual programming paradigm that will allow you to go deep in your digital craft.

Standalone Executables

You can even make a standalone interactive or generative executable of your composition, for real-time installation spaces.

Scalable Complexity

You can create your own macro objects as your program becomes more complex, nesting visual objects hierarchically into each other as needed.

Sequence Screen

Chain together multiple real-time renderings of your visual performances, and render them as VJ loops or music videos.

Videos Long or Short

Whether you want to produce micro videos for streaming apps and vj loops, or long form music videos and performances, we’ve got you covered.

Like a Video Editor, But Not!

In the Sequencer you can chain together multiple data streams of real-time rendering, for the ultimate in performance customization.

Seamless Loop Making

The start and end points of a sequence can be automatically set to be the same, for no-hassles creation of videos that loop perfectly.

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