Insane art and music at your fingertips!
NFT enthusiasts can join our DAO by obtaining a Genesis Pass.

The Genesis Pass

We are teaming up with Zeblocks, Art Blocks curated artists, record labels, digital artists and musicians to provide an exciting slate of digital and audiovisual collectables which will be made available to all Genesis Pass holders.
  • Editions: 1,000
  • Tech: On-chain
  • Price: TBA
  • Date: TBA
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Perks for Collectors

Insane NFT drops

We are partnering with top tier generative artists and musicians to release exclusive NFT drops. Get ready to be inspired!

Our DAO community

Decide on community matters such as selecting which artists and musicians to support and types of events to be held.


Get access to $MOTION. The utility token for visual artists, musicians and collectors in our new creator economy.

Listening and streaming spaces

We will be releasing a series of interactive virtual listening spaces that can be downloaded to your computer and enjoyed.

Commission new visual music

DAO members will have the opportunity to fund their favorite artists via a revolving grants fund for producing commissioned pieces.

Free tickets to events and gigs

Genesis Pass holders will gain exclusive access to visual exhibitions and musical performances from leading artists and events worldwide.

Perks for Artists

Online Galleries and Showcases

Find new audiences and expand the possibilities of visual music in curated and community-organized exhibitions and galleries.

A new marketplace to sell your work

The Optophonia digital asset store presents new opportunities for all digital artists to sell and market their work. Get your work featured.

A collab platform for artists and musicians

Find artists working in any kind of digital media for producing performance visuals, music and beyond. Get personalised recommendations.

Artist and musician spotlight channel

Our curators and DAO members will regularly select artists and works to be prominently highlighted in our channels.

Access to our live music production studio

Interface between real world performing and metaverse experiences in state of the art music production-meets-virtual reality studios. Access to special rates, training and support.

Funding and grants via our Mobius Fund

Artists and Web3 inventors and researchers can apply to our Mobius Fund Grants program to have their vision made into reality.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to your frequently asked questions or get in touch, we'd be happy to help.

What is the Optophonia Genesis Pass?

The Genesis Pass is your private access and membership to the hottest artists and musicians, insane NFT drops, our DAO community, live events, our $MOTION airdrop and much more.

Do I need a Genesis Pass to use your app?

No, you do not need a Genesis Pass in order to use our audiovisual app. App subscriptions can be purchased separately and can be viewed on our pricing page.

Where can I buy the Genesis Pass?

The Genesis Pass will be made available for sale on our website with secondary sales available on OpenSea. Drop dates will be announced soon and we will not be having any surprise mints.

Who are the team behind Optophonia?

Audiovisual artists and musicians with backgrounds including from Warner Bros, Art Blocks, Sotheby’s, Zeblocks, UltraDAO, Goldman Sachs, Adobe, ITV and Simon Fraser University.

What does it mean the art will be on-chain?

The Genesis Pass is stored entirely on the Ethereum network and the generative art can then be reconstructed directly from the assets using an on-chain transcoder.

How much will the Genesis Pass cost?

The price for each mint along with the drop dates will be announced soon. Join our Discord and follow on Twitter to find out more and ask any questions.

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