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Mirror Effects in Davinci Resolve à la Dark Opening Titles

A classic video effect that never seems to get boring to look at is keyframed mirror animation on moving images. Animated symmetries disprove the common notion that symmetry in visual composition is boring. It’s an effect available in the free … Read More

Basic Concepts in Video Synthesis – Fundamentals for Creative Exploration

The Core Tech The general idea of electronic oscillators and their waveform primitives is widely understood in the realms of audio and music, whether in the context of synthesizers or just producing test tones for calibrating equipment. These waveform shapes … Read More

The Single Chord Progression Song

For a lot of years the average length of a song has been ~3’30” and that has started to shift in the Spotify era, where only a stream of the first thirty seconds earns you a fractional penny. But let’s … Read More

Can You Ever Have Too Much Reverse Cymbal with Reverb?

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels It may be impossible to overuse the reverse cymbal with reverb as a transitional sound in your mix. I just used it 24 times in a 3’30” song and I was being very conservative. For context, … Read More

Approaches to Making Beats

Making beats can be a complex subject, which is why there are artists and producers who specialize in beat and groove production. Here I will outline the main general ways that beats are produced in contemporary electronic music production. Sequencing … Read More

Evolving Drones as Song-Structural Mix Glue

The idea of a mix ‘glue’ is usually applied to the use of dynamics processors, as with the various ‘glue compressor’ plugins. Gluing in the common usage aims to get the multitude of sonic elements in a mix to cohere … Read More

Audiovisual Aesthetics | A View from 10,000 Feet (or so) Part 2

Back to Part 1. Sound & Music Cont’d Audiovisual aesthetics, especially in relation to music, can of course be traced back for millennia, so I have drawn some historical lines to constrain the inquiry. Since the idea of the ‘audiovisual’ is … Read More

Audiovisual Aesthetics | interpretive and experiential positions

Photo by Mike from Pexels Sound design can be said to consist of two aspects: the making of sounds and making decisions with those sounds. Making sounds involves a gamut of techniques that includes the processes of recording (finding and capturing a sound), signal processing (altering sounds) … Read More

Electronic Music and Sound Design

Technological Origins and Aesthetic Trajectories The 1950s-60s At the start of this article, I want to quickly convince you that the general history of electronic music has a lot of relevance for sound design. Actually maybe you have already been … Read More

Reverse Engineering EDM’s Mix Profile

This article touches on something that is very easy to do at home, and yet I’ve managed to procrastinate for maybe half a year before finally getting around to blogging about it! While my own music does not usually adhere … Read More

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