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Video Art & Databases – The Role of Clip Libraries in Creative Making

The Key Metaphors Databases in video art can be used practically or creatively. It’s the latter use that is most of interest here, but it’s worth touching on the former use first just to get it out of the way … Read More

Inner Sound | Interview with Jonathan Weinel

MF: I’d like to start this interview, if you don’t mind, in maybe a tangential or anecdotal way, by referencing a couple popular culture references that I think may connect to your book, Inner Sound: Altered States of Consciousness in Electronic … Read More

Composing Audiovisually | Interview with Louise Harris

MF: Congratulations on your new book, Composing Audiovisually Perspectives on audiovisual practices and relationships. Could you give the ‘nutshell’ summary of what it’s about, just as a fast introduction for readers? LH: The book is about what it means to compose … Read More

Aesthetics of Audiovisual Signal Processing

Signal Processing Today’s computational media tools present an infinity of options for the creator, and infinity can be hard to grasp when making aesthetic decisions! Below I present a typology relating signal processing effects to aesthetic experiences. This section excerpts … Read More

Sound & Image | Interview with Dr. Andrew Knight-Hill

Thanks for agreeing to this interview, and congratulations on your new book in the Routledge Sound Design series, Sound and Image: Aesthetics and Practices. Before talking about the book, I suppose it’s de rigueur in the current context to ask about how the … Read More

Making Vertical Videos for Social Media in Davinci Resolve

Making vertical versions of your videos for social media is straightforward in DaVinci Resolve, though there are a few quirks to keep in mind when preparing your clips for pushing through the global mobile infoverse. This tutorial assumes you’ve made … Read More

Phenomenology in the Design of Melody Generating Algorithms

Articles about generating melodies algorithmically typically do not invoke phenomenology as a design method. More characteristic approaches use Markov chains, cellular automata, machine learning from a digital corpus, probabilistic or chance methods etc. Automating melody generation has been researched and related systems … Read More

East Coast vs West Coast Synthesis | a bit of history

It’s worth knowing that in the early days of modular synthesizer development, there were different and to some extent competing approaches based on different philosophies of electronic music production. These two different approaches to modular design stem from Bob Moog … Read More

Digital Audio Workstations are Upside Down | How a UI Error Hides in Plain Sight!

It’s common in music mixing to build a mix from the kick drum up. Start with the lowest frequency components, so that the bass is treated after the kick, and then keep working your way up the frequency spectrum. Generally … Read More

Auditory Streaming Effects in Synthesizer Patch Design

While gestalt psychology is well-known in its applications in the visual design realm — since graphic and UX designers frequently apply its various principles such as Similarity, Continuation, Closure, Proximity etc. in their output — the auditory application of Gestalt is not frequently commented … Read More

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