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Evolving Drones as Song-Structural Mix Glue

The idea of a mix ‘glue’ is usually applied to the use of dynamics processors, as with the various ‘glue compressor’ plugins. Gluing in the common usage aims to get the multitude of sonic elements in a mix to cohere … Read More

Audiovisual Aesthetics | A View from 10,000 Feet (or so) Part 2

Back to Part 1. Sound & Music Cont’d Audiovisual aesthetics, especially in relation to music, can of course be traced back for millennia, so I have drawn some historical lines to constrain the inquiry. Since the idea of the ‘audiovisual’ is … Read More

Audiovisual Aesthetics | interpretive and experiential positions

Photo by Mike from Pexels Sound design can be said to consist of two aspects: the making of sounds and making decisions with those sounds. Making sounds involves a gamut of techniques that includes the processes of recording (finding and capturing a sound), signal processing (altering sounds) … Read More

Electronic Music and Sound Design

Technological Origins and Aesthetic Trajectories The 1950s-60s At the start of this article, I want to quickly convince you that the general history of electronic music has a lot of relevance for sound design. Actually maybe you have already been … Read More

Reverse Engineering EDM’s Mix Profile

This article touches on something that is very easy to do at home, and yet I’ve managed to procrastinate for maybe half a year before finally getting around to blogging about it! While my own music does not usually adhere … Read More

Methods of Montage Analysis

Music videos, opening credit sequences, experimental films, depictions of hallucinations and dreams, compressing time and action, and videos that will kill you if you watch them are amongst the main types of moving image making that employ montage techniques. Montages have their … Read More

Sonic Movement | Texture and Gesture

An important concept in sound design is to put sounds into movement, i.e. expressing meaningful and effective — interesting, emotionally compelling, even experientially correct or physically accurate— change in the sound over time. The movement of sound amongst sounds, and sounds … Read More

Optophonia Expands Team With Key Web3 Hires

Optophonia is excited to announce the expansion of our team with key hires. These new members bring a wealth of expertise and will help us realize our goal of being the go-to platform for motion graphics and visual music NFTs … Read More

Audiovisual Aesthetics | A View from 10,000 Feet (or so) Part 1

Jonas Mekas’ typology of experimental film is still enormously useful as a high level conceptual scheme for defining a vast territory of aesthetic practices in moving image media: – Documentary– Cinepoem– Cineplastics– Narrative To this list of categories we might add Performance and Animation, except … Read More

VJ Loops – Medium, Aesthetics & Emergence

While admittedly the topic of VJ loops themselves — the short video clips label-arrayed in databases for live projection and performance — is a fairly niche topic, I did not realize at the start of this investigation just how extremely … Read More

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