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Welcome to Optophonia


Optophonia is an audiovisual app for Mac and PC, a creator community and an NFT marketplace for the production, curation and dissemination of visual music.


Optophonic art is a complex–sometimes improvised, but never purely chaotic–temporal arrangement, not of sounds but of images produced in tandem with music production.


Our project is inspired by the conceptual approach of the historical Optophonic Piano invented by renowned avant-garde artist and inventor, Wladimir Baranoff-Rossiné (1888–1944).


Our platform, based on the blockchain innovations of NFTs and DAOs, empowers artists to collaborate in the creation of immersive audiovisual media for live events, the Metaverse, and as standalone media works.


Taken together, our online galleries and user community will encourage the development of Optophonia as a professional creative tool and artform in the Web3 era.

Our Vision


Our project is premised on the high level concept of NFTs in, NFTs out, with user friendly and immersive interactive audiovisual performances in between. These performances can be played in physical locations, Metaverse-based, or produced as new artworks minted on the blockchain.


Our community managers, participating artists and curators will produce a world-class platform guided by a seasoned team of creative professionals with backgrounds in computer-based visual art and music as well as startups, IPOs and corporate governance.


The Optophonia Piano


Visual Music

3D Visuation of the Optophonic Piano by Wladimir Baranoff-Rossiné (1888–1944) from the National Research Institute.

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