Motion Graphics App for Live Performance Visuals

Powered by Unreal Engine and loved by VJs and musicians for their next live set, performance or music video.

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Built for Visual Music

Designed to be approachable for both musicians and visual artists. The UI integrates common design patterns and paradigms that are familiar and intuitive.

An App For All Artists

Our own digital asset marketplace featuring artists who work in any media, including 2D images, 3D modeling, rigged characters, motion capture, dance, fashion design, and music.

NFT Integration

With integrated crypto wallet functionality, you can import and export NFT-based media. Obtain or mint unique assets that you can collect, trade and resell.

A Community of Artists, Fans, Collectors & Curators

Our DAO is designed to provide the ultimate social support for Optophonic art. We will fund art commissions and Web3 research, produce live shows IRL and in the metaverse, feature curated collections and provide community-backed resources to foster visual music and innovation.

Simple drag & drop interface

Intuitive drag and drop interface packed with awesome presets to get you started.

Fast Motion Visual Design

Quick modeling of geometry, lights, animations, visual effects, and movement paths.

Interactive controllers

A full set of interactive controllers and generative programming for additional complexity.

One app to rule them all

Built on Unreal Engine’s leading edge real-time graphics capabilities. We are developing a toolset that allows for fast experimentation and performance of interactive and generative visuals for music contexts.

Perform your motion visuals live with full connectivity to music the way you want it.

Integrate different digital art formats in your motion graphics compositions.

Find other artists and musicians to work with in every form of digital art and media.

Get unique media in our NFT store. Don’t settle for the same vj loop packs!

We will regularly release new project templates for instant gratification.

A constantly expanding visual palette with new vfx plugin releases and much more.

We’re super inspired by your project and commitment to web3, and are beyond excited to help you continue building.

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